That’s why this backpack has a 15.6-inch padded laptop compartment and a locking system on top to keep it safe. The Travel Gear ScanSmart Backpack from SwissGear warrants a comparison to the iconic Swiss Army knife. We've compiled a list of the Best Durable Backpacks For College of 2019 to buy, including Top (Highest) Rated Durable Backpacks For College Reviews on, eBay, Walmart, Best Buy, Reddit. Since there are a myriad of items that they have to carry, they need multi-functional storage systems. Its front compartment has a handy internal organizer. Good luck finding this backpack in any color other than black. Find more Oakley Kitchen Sink Backpack information and reviews here. Now, do you need to fill up that massive bag just for a couple of classes? For a lightweight backpack that will safely store your essential college equipment, and leave you room to spare, the JanSport Right Pack Laptop Backpack is a top choice. Its two front compartments are smaller half-zip pockets for more important trinkets. The Best College Backpack. But now that phones do a great job of protecting themselves, Lifeproof has been called upon for a higher purpose: protecting everything you carry with you. The JanSport Big Student Classics backpack is called classic for a reason. The two main compartments are best for packing large books. Some might want more than just one main pocket to organize their supplies. It’s no secret that we love North Face bags.And college students in need of an all-purpose backpack that can conveniently hold a variety of textbooks and a laptop will find The North Face’s Jester backpack a helpful solution. Available in multiple colors and capable of fitting a 15-inch laptop securely in the internal sleeve, the backpack is a great combination of stylish and practical. That way no corner of the bag shall go unchecked when you are looking for the granola bar that you are sure you packed this morning. Its padded straps and horizontal sternum clip help reduce stress on your shoulders. Best Backpacks College 2020 Summary. Some of the best college backpacks for outdoor enthusiasts are made by The North Face. It has one large compartment for storage with two zippers that meet at the top for easy locking. All in all, it’s one of the best college backpacks on the market right now. Find more Everest Stylish Laptop Backpack information and reviews here. Once you get a feel for exactly how much stuff you have to carry around, then you can worry about things like style, compartmentalization, and durability. The High Sierra Swerve is made with sturdy nylon material, making it partially waterproof and fully rip-resistant. The Everest Stylish Laptop Backpack (aka the R5045LT) is a modest and professional backpack that offers solid storage at a great price. The bottom of this bag is reinforced with additional material to keep this bag functioning for longer than your average college backpack. Our resident fashion and grooming expert, Jacob Jacob has made waves in the menswear scene with the emergence of Bound, an online store which he started in June 2018. Furthermore, a secure laptop compartment and some comfortable carrying support would be great, thanks! One of the things that I like best about this bag is that it doesn’t look like a typical rolling backpack. Powered by. With the Big Student, you get the nostalgic look of the Superbreak with the extra space you need for serious coursework. No student’s back should be killing them after a long day of academia. However, you should know that this water bottle pouches aren’t too stretchy. The OutdoorMaster Hiking Backpack is an inexpensive hiking bag that is lightweight and versatile enough to be used for camping out in the wild or on the top floor of the library. Of course, what a fashion student chooses may vary widely from what a business administration major selects. Camryn Rabideau. Statement backpacks rarely come more unique or colourful than the Fjallraven – Foldsack No.1. Find more JanSport Big Student Classics Backpack information and reviews here. That is a conversation for another time. If you’re looking for a more traditional looking backpack, the Modoker Vintage Laptop Backpack is perfect. It is made from a rugged polyester that stands up against heavy use, and its skateboard straps and reflective print make it great for a skate commute to and from class. Find more High Sierra Swerve Backpack information and reviews here. Everything is on your laptop. Besides Best Backpacks Reddit, how do I know which is the hottest topic at the moment? Its multitude of pockets make it great for organizing everyday carry items and its breathable design is quite useful on a hike. This keeps personal items and valuables safely in place without worries of people getting access to important projects, files, and other information. With its dimensions of 20 x 14 x 8 inches and volume of 34L, you could probably fit an actual kitchen sink in it, but that would be a total waste of this brilliantly compartmentalized pack. So now you’ve seen our top picks, you’ve got to remember that your backpack has to survive those early morning runs across campus and those late-night study sessions in the library. When you do, you can take full advantage of its fully padded laptop compartment, tablet sleeve, multiple large compartments, shoulder strap media pocket, two water bottle pockets, and padded bottom panel. Find more Fjallraven Kånken Laptop Backpack information and reviews here. The zippers are quite tough, and hold up well against heavy use. The unique design makes opening and closing the backpack quick and easy, with secure internal pockets for easy organization. The slim bag even has a zip-out water bottle holder that is there when you need it. College is stressful enough without having to worry about being able to carry everything that is needed. Whether you’re tech-savvy, fashion-conscious, or a bit of a backpack hoarder – you won’t have any problem finding the best college backpack on our list. Pockets placed strategically throughout the backpack keep things neat and organized. If you regularly carry oversized items like a gaming laptop, then this backpack may not cut it. The biggest one is its handy top-load main compartment. Don't be afraid to into other types of backpacks. In the previous part, we’ve explained what kind of college backpack female students need. These gripes aside, the bag is pretty much perfect. A lot will change throughout your college years, but your backpack doesn’t need to be one of them. Here are the best backpacks for safely distributing a heavy book load without sacrificing style. Though this bag looks more like a storybook rucksack you would take on a train ride across Europe to visit your Nana, it is actually a handy and viable college backpack. We also like the fact that it comes in some beautiful classic colors. The Pivoter Laptop Backpack by The North Face is the perfect option for students who need a safe and strong backpack to carry their electronics across campus. 1. The backpack comes in a variety of different colors as well, and some have reflective strips for added visibility (even though this would be a nice feature on all of their packs). These specialized backpacks are the right solution for that. In terms of support, there’s a lower lumbar cushioning system to prevent strain. You even get a port to feed your earbud wires through for maximum discretion. Find more High Sierra Freewheel Wheeled Backpack information and reviews here. Whether you’re looking for a backpack that can fit a large laptop or one that’s made of waterproof fabric, we will help you find the best one. Those who have an above-average book load may prefer Herschel’s larger Little America pack, though. There are several pockets available that ensure all items can be well organized for easy access at any time. The one downside of this simple design is that there is no padded laptop sleeve. For such a low price, this bag offers more than you could ask for. Even so, I want to replace my shitty $20 backpack I bought in Indonesia, so I'm hoping for your advice. Their new Squamish line of backpacks seeks to bring their same Lifeproof philosophy to the world of luggage, and the Squamish XL backpack is their biggest and baddest bag so far. The laptop pocket zips all the way down for easy access and quick trips through airport security. You can fit a couple of books in here as well but it’s definitely not the roomiest backpack on this list. Share Tweet Flip. The backpack features a tablet pocket, ample space for a laptop, and multiple compartments for optimum organization. Outlander’s Packable Travel Backpack can have limited applications in a school environment but is honestly too cool to pass up mentioning. To find the pack that's best for you, you have to prioritize features that suit your specific needs. ... News Tips Podcasts Newsletters Mobile Apps Facebook Twitter Instagram LinkedIn Pinterest YouTube Reddit Flipboard RSS. The bag also provides a pair of adjustable shoulder straps, so you can always fit it to suit your needs. The back compartment also has a 17-inch laptop sleeve. BEST FOR COLLEGE . We don’t really need to tell you about the quality of these packs – the amazing Amazon reviews and brand’s reputation do that. Of course, college is not all fun and games and there will be some tough decisions that have to be made during your college career– starting with your choice of backpack. The other pockets are much smaller, and only offer room for small trinkets The backpack has two tall water bottle pockets for storing bottles, which is always a huge plus for me. The eBag slim backpack is a versatile dress code pack that checks all the boxes for a great bag without packing any bungee cords, exterior mesh pockets, carabiner clips, or other outdoorsman bling. Great backpacks for every budget and lifestyle. The eBag backpack is made from a fairly heavy material, making it a little heftier than it needs to be, but also giving it a nice rigidity. Of course, none of that’s important if the materials aren’t high-quality enough. All in all, there are larger packs out there if you are just looking for sheer storage space, but the Fjällräven Kånken Laptop Backpack is a stylish and durable mid-size option that will serve as a long-lasting investment. Add a set of skateboard straps on the back and the last thing you will need out of this backpack is more storage. 20,076 Reviews Scanned by Raise5 AI The bag material is nice, and the tuck-away shoulder straps are well padded to offset the extra discomfort you will experience from the frame for the wheels. What is the Best Affordable, Best Inexpensive, Best Cheap Brands to Buy. This may well be the most heavy-duty backpack for college. The bag also has a “2D” secondary pocket with room for documents and a Napoleon pocket with an organizer. With a volume of 21.6L, this is far from the largest backpack of the lot. A large singular internal compartment, with laptop sleeve, makes the Fjallraven – Foldsack No.1 perfect for everyday use while still enabling you to stay organized with the zipped front external compartment. Additionally, you have organizational compartments for pens, keys, a cell phone, et cetera. Italian researchers who investigated the predisposing factors of back pain in a study at the National Center for Biotechnology Information found that 60 percent of young students suffered from backpack-related pain. With a 28l capacity, 15-inch laptop sleeve, and plenty of internal organizational compartments, you should have no problem fitting your textbooks inside or keeping your laptop safe. Aug 10, 2020 - 5 Recommendations. For a stylish outlook and a multi-functional bag, this premium quality school backpack is definitely recommended. It may not be as large as other backpacks, but what it lacks in size it makes up for in compartments. The Herschel Supply Co. Retreat Backpack is one of the best backpacks for college students who find themselves lugging a lot of tech across campus on a regular basis. This main pocket has a laptop sleeve that could easily handle most 17-inch laptops, plus a removable “dirt bag” for dirty or wet gym clothes to keep them separate from your electronics. On the plus side, they zip almost all the way to the bottom of the pack, making it easy to access items that have fallen to the bottom. We'll leave the actual decision-making to you, but if you take anything away from this cargo crash course, let it be this: your health rides on having a reliable backpack. Store your heaviest stuff closest to your back so that less pressure is applied to your shoulders. You will get plenty of use out of that, even if you never take it to the pool. To lighten your load and ensure that you never have a problem carting everything from A to B, we have put together a list of the top 16 college backpacks available. What’s even better is the built-in USB cable that allows you to plug a mobile power hub in to charge one or more devices on the go. Its dimensions of 19 x 13 x 7.8 inches are fairly average, but the High Sierra Swerve offers an above-average level of comfort with their S-shaped shoulder straps and suspension system to manage larger loads. Also, because the bottom compartment lacks rigidity, the bag will not stand up on its own unless you keep a puffy jacket in there at all times. Going to college is a big change, it’s a chance to shoulder some extra responsibility, try new things, and really take control of your own education. This is a bag you’re going to get used to wearing often. It is one that can last against years of use (or abuse) as well. For starters, it has a full complement of pouches – 4 exterior and 5 interior. October 16, 2018 . Earth-friendly fibers are accented with napa leather accents, while the durable shoulder straps keep fatigue at bay from morning until night. On top of that, it has a built-in USB port that lets you hook up a charging port and phone through your backpack. And, it even has an external USB port that you can hook up to your own power bank (not included) and charge your smartphone/devices on the go. The 25 Best Backpacks for Everyday Use. Unfortunately, it does not have any compression straps so this backpack gets very saggy when it isn’t fully loaded. The nylon ensures it doesn’t get worn out from exposure to moisture or water and lasts a good amount of time. This backpack has ergonomic S-shaped straps that contour to shape of your upper torso, which helps a lot for dispersing the pack’s weight. The polyester material isn’t as water-resistant as other nylon blend bags but it is still sufficiently durable to last you through your undergrad years. While the low cost is due to the plastic frame and lens, there’s a sturdiness to this that the marketing just doesn’t do justice for. Granted, a hip belt and sternum strap would make heavy loads even more manageable, but for short walks between classes the Targus Drifter II still gets the job done. Regardless of the plans ahead, this bag will carry material for academics and your budding social life with enough space to contain a good number of items without wear or tear. Despite its unfortunate name, the Kaka Laptop Backpack is a no-nonsense budget bag that offers many high-quality features at a value price. This can be used to your advantage, thanks to some straps that adjust the depth of the main compartment to a smaller load. You can store your books, laptop, and even shoes in the larger one, while the smaller pocket is a surefire way to store stationery and perhaps your phone. You will know What is the best Big Backpacks For College on the market? My favorite part about this backpack is easily its two large water bottle pockets, though. The first thing you’ll see when you pick this product, of course, is the iconic Tommy Hilfiger design template. Having trouble carrying your tech from class to class? While the sleek and elegant design of the Carhartt Legacy Classic Work Backpack makes it the perfect choice for any fashion-conscious student, the strong and durable design also makes it incredibly practical. It has classic design but it’s been updated to make it useful in the modern world. Find more The North Face Jester Backpack information and reviews here. The Best Recommended Backpacks For College of 2019 – Reviews and Top Rated from Best Brands. Backpack capacity can go far higher than this number, with some models ranging to 80 liters and beyond. Like a lot of modern college backpacks, it also has a built-in USB charger, so you can keep your devices charged throughout the day. The main compartment zips all the way down, so you can easily stuff the bag full. Topo Designs is a backpack designer that’s based out of Colorado. The Bluboon Vintage Canvas Backpack has a somewhat unique layout, which centers around a top-loading main compartment that has a drawstring and flap. Best College Backpacks with Laptop Compartments. Unfortunately, few packs can provide you with all of these without falling short in one category. The bag is as beautiful as it’s effective, and it will get you maximum bang for your buck. It is quite plain-looking. By packing your bag as light as possible and wearing it correctly with the shoulder straps tightened, you will leave yourself better off in the long run. It also lacks any kind of hip belt or sternum straps. This bag will definitely give a bang for your buck with its space capacity, useful pockets, and durable make. Reddit. 1. It features a large compartment for a laptop, notebook or tablets and other compartments for books, chargers, and stationaries. It can certainly be loaded full enough to justify using the rolling feature, as large backpack loads can put unnecessary stress on your spinal column. Another downside to this otherwise durable pack is that it lacks a padded or otherwise reinforced bottom panel. However, it is still large enough to hold the necessities. But on the plus side, it is also virtually devoid of any branding. It also has a drop sleeve for sunglasses, ensuring they won’t get scratched up against your school supplies. But while on the topic of storage space, it can be hard to retrieve small things from the main two pockets, as they are almost too deep. We had to include at least one more option from Topo Designs, which makes some of the best backpacks for college students. With plenty of storage room and a comfortable set of straps, it’s great for campus strolls. However, this backpack is more geared towards being a mid-size travel companion to carry along the necessities. The zippers have large teeth that don’t easily catch but they will still get a little finicky after a few years of use. It is a time-tested design that holds up to the rigors of all levels of education. It is an all-around solid pick. Organizational compartments for stationaries. The backpack comes with an outdoors aesthetic, although it also has an urban feel to it that is appealing to young adults. The largest compartment has a heavy foam tube on the bottom that absorbs shock when you set your pack on the ground. The Tzowla Travel Laptop Backpack is designed for travel but it makes a great college backpack too. College courses require a lot of superfluous expenses that one might be able to opt out of, but a proper backpack is not one of them. While we love their classic leather and canvas day pack, the $145 price tag is more than many broke college students can afford. The simple design of the backpack is embellished with large metal buckles, the classic Fjällräven logo, and comfortable straps. Whether it’s the laptop in your dedicated sleeve, or your zippered pocket if full-up and flooded with items in the organizer, you’ll be ready to slug it over your shoulders. Find more AmazonBasics Laptop Backpack information and reviews here. Condenser straps allow you to flatten out this high-volume 36.5L pack, but you will most likely be using it at full size. So far, we have reviewed backpacks with twice the storage space as this one, but it will still do if you have a relatively small class load. The backpack as a whole is very well padded. best college backpack. Otherwise, you're putting unnecessary stress on yourself and your backpack. The North Face Vault Backpack lives up to its name, providing a vault on the go for your valuable belongings. But your body will forgive you carrying an oversized load a short distance, as the FlexVent injection-molded shoulder straps are quite comfortable, even when using the padded laptop sleep to carry laptops up to 15 inches. You might know them for their aerodynamic swimwear, but Speedo actually makes everything a college athlete might need, including this heavy-duty gym backpack. The Travel Gear is comfortable to wear too. Ultimately, this bag’s biggest shortcoming is its size, but if you don’t need to carry many books from day to day, then it is a solid pick. For a less busy day in school or a much-needed trip to the library, the Vancropak Water Resistant School Backpack is the right pick. Of course, even if you bought a padded laptop sleeve to supplement this, you would still be saving money compared to buying a sturdier, fancier backpack. This is the 17-inch (20L) version, though you can also find a 13-inch (13L) or 15-inch (18L) laptop version if you have simpler packing needs than average. The Freewheel has bumpers stitched into its corners, plus a reinforced bottom for rough handling. Whether you have a packed day at college or need ample room to store your gym clothes, the JanSport Right Pack Laptop Backpack is a comfortable, practical, and durable choice for every occasion. It is comfortable to wear with padded straps, but its padding to protect the main pocket could be a little more robust. It is made from top quality, lightweight polyester, so it should be a durable choice worth every penny. If you expect to pack heavy loads every day, then you should choose a bag with a sternum strap and/or hip belt. Find more Kaka Backpack for 17-Inch Laptops information and reviews here. Find more Element Men’s Jaywalker Backpack information and reviews here. The backpack has a fun leaf pattern, but the best part is that it isn’t just beautiful; but also very practical. Outlander Packable Handy Lightweight Travel Backpack, study at the National Center for Biotechnology Information, Large opening makes it easy to pack and unpack, Large pockets with plenty of subcompartments, Condenser straps to resize pack as needed, Full-body zippers make any part of the bag accessible, Easily confused with other SwissGear models, Backpack does not stand easily on its own, Shock-absorbing straps and back padding provide maximum comfort, Two water bottle pockets plus sub-compartment storage, Two water bottle pockets plus front elastic bungee, Extra bottom padding protects delicate items inside, Needs to be more waterproof for serious hiking, Comes in a variety of different colors and sizes to fit any laptop size, Material feels overly stiff before it is washed, Main compartment doesn’t open wide enough, Large padded laptop sleeve with bright interior lining, Secondary document pocket and hardshell pouch, Smooth rolling wheels and telescoping handle, Rigid reinforced design protects contents, Heavier and bulkier than non-rolling backpacks, Included stadium seat allows you to sit comfortably anywhere, Lightweight and fully packable for travel, Two water bottle pockets plus hanging clips, Optional sternum strap reduces load stress. The Squamish XL sports a solid 32L of storage volume, which is spread out across two large compartments and other small hiding spots on the bag. Blue, red, and white highlight the brand’s identity, and the entire bag is made in its image. Luckily, we went ahead and did the work to pick out some great backpacks for men in college… Beneath this main compartment is a removable hard shell pouch for carrying sunglasses or other delicate goods. This backpack offers 32L of storage volume at a price point that is hard to beat. Featuring a clean but stylish design, the Herschel Supply Co. Classic Backpack is a classical choice with plenty of modern additions. We also scoured Reddit for backpack recommendations from college students that aligned with our metrics, aiming for durable, high-quality bags under $200 that could endure all four years of college. The bag has nylon loops at different locations, and while they add to the bag’s overall look, they also add a unique dimension to the bag. Its dimensions of 12.6 x 16.9 x 6.7 make it a manageable pack that you would have no trouble sliding under a lecture hall chair. Available in 35 colors, prints, & patterns. North Face Backpacks for College – Designated Laptop Sleeves. If you carry a laptop around, you will need a separate protective sleeve to keep it safe. It is comfortable, spacious, and durable, which is pretty much everything you would want out of a backpack for college. Though it bears the same patch as the brand’s classic two-pouch backpack, this version sports a number of features that give it a huge leg up. We will show you a list of the hottest topics at the moment. With an expertly finished design, the Herschel Supply Co. Heritage Backpack is the ideal backpack for traipsing around campus and enjoying yourself on the weekends. Twinning practicality with a comfortable design, the Timbuk2 Parkside Laptop Backpack is a great choice for a secure and built-to-last backpack.