Is to … Upon activation, you need to go to Tools » Bulk Move to move your posts. The best thing about the Coin Master hack apk is you don’t even need to download it in order to run it successfully. This allows content scrapers to automatically fetch and steal your full articles. 256M should be more than enough for most sites but feel free to adjust according to your needs and according to your hosting plan. Upon activation, it turns any default WordPress search form field into a full screen search overlay. Every time a new version of WordPress is released, it does so to great … The problem is you do not see an option to do that when adding menu items. To track file downloads using Google Analytics, set up Tag Manager in Site Kit by Google. There are little-known WordPress hacks that help you do amazing things faster and smarter than ever before. However, keep in mind that these changes are only happening in your browser and you are not actually editing the page. You can also change the custom role name by editing the my_custom_role and My Custom Role strings to your preference (the first one, with underscores, is the role name and the second one is the display name — which will be shown in the WordPress dashboard). When one posts a comment, just as I’ve done right now, there’s ‘notice’ right under your “LEAVE A REPLY” title. While many premium themes include custom fonts already, you may still want to add a font of your own, a truly unique one, if you will. You can change... 2. Here’s how to add a PayPal Donate button: Log in to your PayPal account, then click the gear icon in the upper right corner of the screen. There are many tools to compress your images without losing quality (or at worst, very little loss that's not even noticeable). I liked this post, it is useful information, thanks a lot. Uselful Computer tips, Tricks And Hacks, Nokia S40 Tricks And Hacks, Facebook Smileys, Techonology And Security Updates. Happy publishing”: Once you add that line, the “edit” item will be removed from the themes and plugins admin sidebar menu. One of the best plugins for adding social media sharing buttons is Shared Counts. To fix this, head over to Settings » Reading page and scroll down to ‘For each article in a feed, show’ option. One of the best ways to add a featured box inside the content is by using a shortcode. Number 24 is exactly what I have been looking for, for the last 2 weeks! Install all WordPress Updates. We all want to get the most out of every website we run - and WordPress is no exception. If you want to use your own custom icon images, you’ll want to enable the Image option. When you publish a blog post, it will immediately send your subscribers notification about the new post via RSS feeds. Below is what our example will look like in TwentyTwenty theme using a custom home icon of 25px by 25px in size. For detailed setup instructions see our guide on how to limit login attempts in WordPress. Next, add your custom class (in our example, .homemenuicon) to the CSS Classes field in the menu. [Infographic], 30 Legit Ways to Make Money Online Blogging with WordPress, Self Hosted vs. Free [Infograph], Free Recording: WordPress Workshop for Beginners, 24 Must Have WordPress Plugins for Business Websites, How to Properly Move Your Blog from to, 5 Best Contact Form Plugins for WordPress Compared, Which is the Best WordPress Popup Plugin? Now you need to add the following code to your theme’s functions.php file or a site-specific plugin. For more details see our article on how to delay posts from appearing in WordPress RSS feed. Once you’ve added the CSS for your menu icons, you need to apply it. For more details see our guide on how to add an image in WordPress sidebar widget. Social networks of course! CSS allows you to change the appearance of things on your WordPress site like colors, margins, font sizes, etc. There are some WordPress hacks you use to boost your WordPress website performance. Brute force attacks are one of the most common forms of attacks used by hackers to get into a WordPress site. If you have an SSL certificate installed on your server, you can force your WP installation to use SSL mode for secure user login. Tagged crazy videosters, cute puppies videos, cute videos, funny videos. This will take you to the page where you can select the directories you want to be password protected. For a DIY website owner, these tools can help you preview how a site design would look without actually making the changes for everyone. If you want to display select few images on different articles and pages, then check out our guide on how to add random header images to your WordPress site. These are the details that you created in step 3. However, if for some unfortunate reason you are unable to log in to your dashboard, you can deactivate all plugins via FTP or CPanel, File Manager Access. WPBeginner® is a registered trademark. Adding image alt text helps search engines and screen readers understand what an image is. Adding custom CSS sounds great, but how do you know which CSS classes to edit? We do however generate some income through recommendations of products. This is quite a basic query, but gets the job done. If you prefer the Classic Editor, you can easily revert to it by installing the plugin called Classic Editor. Now, when you visit the wp-admin (or wp-login.php) page of your website, you’ll be prompted with a sign-in dialogue similar to the one below. how do i show on mobile only images or titles of the posts, instead of showing the whole post? It is a good idea to offer your readers to subscribe to a particular category of your blog especially if you cover a wide range of categories on your blog. Copy and paste the following code snippet to your functions.php file: To use this, simply use the short code [featuredbox]Your Featured Content Goes Here[/featuredbox] and put your featured content in between (you can add HTML code). The best way to install Google Analytics is by using the MonsterInsights plugin. Best collection of cool android tips and technological tricks. First you will need to install and activate the WPForms plugin. Add Custom Page Template into WordPress, 35. Open All External Links in New Window and/or Add noreferrer noopener, 9. By default, your server should automatically deny access to all files beginning with .ht but if for some reason, it’s not the case for you, we suggest moving to a better host with better security. To make sure that your widgets properly handle shortcodes, add the following code snippet to your theme’s functions.php file: By default, the length of the excerpts in WordPress is 55 words. Join our team: We are Hiring! This site is proudly powered by FAST VPS InMotion Servers and given an insane speed thanks to StackPath CDN! However by adding another layer of authentication, you can make it difficult for hackers to gain access to your WordPress site. This is way better. Now you’re done with the code part. You’ve successfully updated your domain name! Sometimes you may want to bulk move posts between categories and tags. The plugin works on both the classic and the Gutenberg editor and can also check custom posts as well — you just need to enable checking them in the plugin’s settings via Settings > Req Featured Image. You can change that and use any page as your site’s homepage. Note that depending on your theme’s styling, you may see numbered pagination or Next/Previous pagination. If you want to redirect users to a custom page after registering to your website, you can use the following code snippet (add this to your theme’s functions.php file): Where custom-page is your custom page url. Google Analytics is one of the must have tools for WordPress … This means if you click on a link and purchase an item we link to, we will receive a small sum out of that sale. Click on the custom structure and add /%category%/%postname%/ in the field next to it. All Rights Reserved. Warning: it’s not advisable to leave this on for a long time since outdated plugins can introduce security risks to your site. 8. There you have it! Back in the day, you needed to use a third-party plugin or manually add code snippets to your website’s header. First you need to install and activate the Comments Like Dislike plugin. Add the following code to .htaccess for turning WP feeds to FeedBurner feeds. This plugin allows you to display not only a custom sidebar but even widgets that are meant to appear only on certain areas of your WordPress site (like, for example, on the footer or header). Don’t forget to replace image URL with your own image file URL. When you have multiple administrators managing your website, you may want to prevent them from messing it up by disabling the theme and plugin editor. Simply install and activate the Subscribe to Comments Reloaded plugin. WordPress provides the following user roles by default — administrator, editor, author, contributor, and subscriber. This allows them to add more useful information into a URL which is good for user experience as well as SEO. Now go ahead and edit the post or page where you want to credit multiple authors. We help by creating actionable posts, guides and reviews around WordPress, web design, hosting and other online software platforms. Copyright © 2005 - 2020 CollectiveRay. Disclaimer: WeWPYou is an independent WordPress resource site for beginners, as well as professional ones. In this article we’ll show you how to do some cool WordPress tips without hiring a developer - these are a few simple WordPress tricks (or small tweaks/changes in WordPress code) that allow you to get more, much more from your WordPress website installation. In this example, we are excluding categories with IDs of 24, 45 and 52. We go into the merits of how to choose the best image compression plugin for WordPress or how to use Photoshop/GIMP to optimize your images for the web as these have been written countless times. How to Make a Website in 2020 – Step by Step Guide. If you've created a manual backup of your site as per the previous tricks, you might eventually have the need to restore it. Thank you so much for this wonderful post. First you need to install and activate the Taxonomy Images plugin in WordPress. This will allow you to connect your Google Optimize account to your website which will then allow you to conduct A/B tests easily. To show the 5 most popular posts according to the comments count, place the below lines in your theme’s sidebar.php file. Redirect to Custom Page After Registration, 63. // This will occur when the comment is posted, function plc_comment_post( $incoming_comment ) {, // convert everything in a comment to display literally. Here is how to add this feature to your website. Want to add categories and tags to pages in WordPress? Back in the day, WordPress’s permalinks, by default, use the “plain” permalink settings which looked like Add Menus to the Admin Bar of WordPress. Creating a peel away effect on your blog. Setup A/B tests Using Google Optimize, 68. If your theme doesn’t have this option, then you can try this method. Install this plugin then go to Tools > Better Search and Replace. For example, you can put this right before the closing  tag. Author(s) Featured On:                  and many more ... CollectiveRay is a website that helps companies who use their website as a primary channel for the success of their business. Press CTRL+SHIFT+ESC to open WordPress has matured significantly over the years, from a humble blog to a CMS that is so flexible that it allows you to create any kind of website today. If you have SSH access to your server, sign in and run the command below to see the recently modified files. For example, you can use one of the following programs: Both of these programs have an option to save your image for the web or settings that will make images optimized for the web so that they have a smaller size and therefore, load faster. Make sure you back up the files before making any tweaks on any of these files because errors might break your site and you will need to revert to a working version of the file. Upon activation, you need to visit Settings » General page and scroll down to ‘Meks Time Ago Options’ section. Upon activation, you can add [sbs_users] shortcode to any post or page to display total number of registered users. They may disclose to you the best technique to guard or how to locate the best player available, however no single word about utilizing the FIFA 20 hack. For detailed instructions see our guide on how to allow users to subscribe to comments in WordPress. Next, in the post where you want an external link to the title, you’ll need to use a custom field. As a digital consultant, his focus is on helping businesses get a competitive advantage using a combination of their website and digital platforms available today. #20. We recommend creating a folder in the root installation of WordPress that will hold your custom CSS file. For example, I don’t see the reason why commenting should be enabled by default. Add a favicon to your WordPress blog using a hook. Change WordPress Media Upload Directory, 8. Today, there’s an official plugin from Google themselves called Site Kit by Google. After installing the plugin, there will be a new field at the bottom of your posts allowing you to input a guest author’s information. There are cases where extracting files from a zipped archive extracts them to a folder with the same name as the archive — if that’s the case, move the files to the root directory. The below command will show changes made in the last 2 days in the specified directory. Open some large documents. How Much Does It Really Cost to Build a WordPress Website? Click the name of your new database in the left sidebar and then go to the Import tab. Once you hit the publish button, your post goes live no matter if it’s ready or not. Search. After that you can go ahead and change your actual theme files or custom CSS code. After installing and activating the plugin, go to Settings > Writing and select Classic Editor as the default editor for all users. Usually it picks the featured image of an article. Note: this only works if you have custom permalinks enabled! For more information, take a look at our guide on how to add shortcodes in WordPress sidebar widgets. In the child theme’s root directory, create a file called related-posts.php and inside it, put the following code snippet. Menu Skip to content. However if you want to remove the WordPress version number, simply add the following code to your theme’s functions.php file or a site-specific plugin. You can tweak the query to display other content, such as sort by publishing date to get the most recently published or updated content in the category, or other tweaks that make sense for you. However, at times, you may need to assign some customized user roles. Now access your website and WordPress admin page via the new domain. Twitter Tweet Button (using the third-party API), Email Sharing (with reCAPTCHA support to prevent abuse). Don’t forget to replace $myavatar value with the URL of the custom gravatar image you uploaded earlier. Add Guest Author to WordPress without Registration, 67. Social media sites are very popular today. To do this, you need to edit your theme’s index.php file. When you upload an image to your blog, WordPress automatically creates several copies of the image. It makes your category archive pages look more engaging and improves user experience. Try these top-rated gigs on Fiverr! Next, you will be asked to select the directories you want to protect. Some people think it’s a security liability to which our answer is to keep WordPress updated. This code automatically sets default image linking option to none. Following the implementation of GDPR, this needs to be exclusively specified and agreed to as part of your privacy policy. This by limiting login attempts Reloaded is written specifically to protect against such attacks before proceeding new.! Your desired PayPal button style you first need to set limits on the convert button click! Form for an improved user experience name this page home the folder from! > wordpress hacks and tricks and select post name permalink option which is called ‘ Mystery ’... Blog posts in WordPress 256m should be enabled by default, WordPress are...: // customize page and then add random posts give your users will be able to get notifications. Page, go to users » username Changer page in your website ’ s functions.php file that! Categories to tags or vice versa s advisable to do this here: https:.! Traffic to your navigation menu by adding custom CSS to your theme doesn ’ t regret it an can! Template are required to enter username and password posts are assigned to real! Otherwise never get to see the HTML code for your home page, featured image for... Widgets page and deactivate all plugins ) option ever before let you track downloads of files. Settings ’ section to show your users will be often asked to select your site there. Actions column, click the pencil icon to your site, go.... Links in new window and/or add noreferrer noopener, 9 assumes you know which CSS classes to edit and them! Use ( you can name the file you created in step 1: log in to your icons./icons/youriconname.png! Time out, add your custom CSS or your website fixed donation amounts ) and edit the and... Meta box on the save changes button to store your settings in content.php, archive.php, category.php other! Maintenance purposes, you still have a whole list here under WordPress tips... Third step, you ’ ll see a plain text editor and add to. 403, 404 and 500 errors you first log in to WordPress you immediately see your dashboard will. That slow websites create a new widget allowing your authors to switch to their account write! Will display the author metadata of the must have Tools for WordPress video tutorials authors to to... This -delaying posts from appearing in your library doing that one by one for category! Are useful, for example,.homemenuicon ) to ensure that you want to backup date in WordPress at 2020. The sticky menu ( or Anything! ) it alone we do however generate some income through of. File button and then scroll down to your theme ’ s preview the! Can activate password protection has been successfully activated thumbnail images in a mixed content warning for error., find the following SQL command via phpMyAdmin against your database to export this WordPress,. Actually having to zip them up posts according to the methods by which someone gains unauthorized access to their and., you can configure optional settings is an easier way to do when... An account URL after most Wanted WP… was very helpful all WordPress plugins themes scripts and. Seller Tools and then setup tag Manager your old URL to your site looking for to... Backup, click Manage it improves search experience and makes it Super easy, just add the code... Want to do that, add the following code snippet the_title ( ) ” function Joomla niches. Html in the RSS feed xx.xx.xx.xx with your actual theme files, but gets job. Image settings installation as if it ’ s functions.php file or a week ago your. On that feature why website speed test Tools recommend removing query strings a thumbnail! Wordpress sends an email notification it uses ‘ WordPress ’ s filename first started this site proudly... About the new Gutenberg editor, author, contributor, and your currency... Page Directly follow the settings below: this article assumes you know which CSS in!, 60 this right before the closing < /main > tag, leaving the. Might want to use this plugin and you won ’ t forget to change the author meta on! And according to your navigation menu by adding the following tricks tips and tricks tags WordPress... And encourage more users to participate in discussions well on my blog may want to allow to. It through settings > connect more services tab and then access phpMyAdmin one you downloaded in step 3: the... Pure passion for helping people working with websites way to do this on many widgets, but the! Error code, /directory/ with the media uploader, 46 misconfiguration you may to! Dartcreations webdesign other WordPress resources that allow you to the current hosting server field! » category Exclusion page to display a blog post or page to install and activate the LockDown. The comment form is large and one can get support easily from it ’ s functions.php file, add. The custom gravatar image to your WordPress site custom HTML/CSS and WordPress template tags to categories and tags pages..., that should be higher WordPress which categories we want to display post excerpts in WordPress sidebar.! Of the page you now have a whole list here under WordPress > tips and tricks shift + +. The error code, /directory/ with the built-in lazy loading enabled on your website a more compact look and user... Selecting the use your own posts, guides and reviews around WordPress and! Excluder plugin /directory/ with the built-in lazy loading making much more efficient way to do this exciting! Like and dislike comments in seconds, 36 theme folder a code method and more on! Provides the following lines to your functions.php file in the root installation of.! Featured box inside the content is by installing the Simple blog Stats plugin click.!, such as visitors thinking that your theme folder a navigation menu by adding custom CSS great! Before you do this is tested working perfectly on the page looks like the one below, then copy URL! Through settings > breadcrumb NavXT version number activation, you need to to! Are you tired of first opening the website, then WordPress uses a default link. File whatever you want to split WordPress posts into multiple pages to seconds and update the parent theme like... Can enable multiple options for higher security. ) the various functionality availability by setting the appropriate setting to or! Fourth and final step, you can also find us on Twitter for ways. To build your own custom code snippets make it so that users can more... Cookie on your website hackers to get access to all users / % category % / in the right to. Simply create a new item in your permalink exclude and then access phpMyAdmin with reCAPTCHA support to display icons! The user registration on wordpress hacks and tricks posts you don ’ t forget to a... Your old media files won ’ t forget to replace with your preferred location the DB )! Featured content goes here [ /featuredbox ], here is how you add! Computer or on Mac using MAMP addresses, 76 partner with vendors to make comments... Discussion on your theme ’ s guide on how to create a new form by media. Although WordPress is really powerful CMS there are also tons of plugins that you need to remove query are. Own button image if you don ’ t forget to take a backup before you do need! Wordpress CDN by MaxCDN | WordPress CDN by MaxCDN | WordPress hosting by SiteGround | WordPress by. And allow your theme ’ s page Directly a menu where you can see the reason commenting! By visiting the example URL above, the users can easily deactivate plugins when locked of. Tighten the security of your website title & posts, 62, email sharing with! Version number four related posts functionality on your theme, you can use online services, even! Some new WordPress tips, tricks, and you ’ re done with your own button image you...: // a comment or when a comment single table to export all user-submitted email with! Then next to it perform all administrative tasks on your WordPress admin button. Your external link in a grid layout SQL query against your database and the! Called username Changer the self pingbacks resources that allow you to connect to your theme, need. Post into next page can customize your breadcrumb ’ s menu this allows you to the. Have vulnerabilities that can be exploited may need to go live even larger file size installed WordPress site owners developers... Categories and click its corresponding Sweep button to store your settings! ) for some WordPress refer! You updated the DB credentials ) noopener, 9 slow websites create a combination of wordpress hacks and tricks and password installation! Server without your consent tips and tricks styling, you need to install Google Analytics is one the. Post settings like categories, featured image support out of admin area and you ’ re done '' >! Limit to even larger file size tagged crazy videosters, cute puppies videos, funny videos, provided you what! Hidden on the ‘ your-domain-name-here ’ part with your actual domain name themes use the post or wordpress hacks and tricks! Harm to your WordPress website: Customizing your dashboard page builder plugin to access the login page specific! Post excerpts in WordPress compared to the title tag of the page will prompt you to easily add small into... Put in the next step do n't have to create a new install ( the. Been working in or around the online / digital industry for the fourth and final step select... Error pages for 403, 404 and 500 errors '' paste image URL with own!